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Friends, In this post we will share the full biography of Rajan Arora. You will know all about Rajan Arora. He is a YouTuber from India. Rajan Arora makes funny videos on YouTube. So, read the bio article to know full information about Rajan Arora.

Rajan Arora Biography

Rajan Arora is a Popular Social Media Influencer from India. He is known for his funny humor in his Video. Rajan Arora is 31 years old in 2024. His birthday date is 8th March 1993. Rajan Arora was born and brought up in Delhi, India. His Religion is Sanatani.

Rajan Arora is from a Normal Middle-Class Family. He worked hard to become popular in social media.

Rajan Arora’s Net Worth

Rajan Arora’s estimated Net Worth is around 400k to 650k dollars. Most of the earnings come from brand Deals and Social media ads Revenue. Rajan Arora’s net worth in rupees is around 4 to 6 crore.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 70 KG

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Who is Rajan Arora?


Full name Rajan Arora
Occupation Influencer
Age 31
Family status Unknown
Height/Weight 5′ 9″/ 70 kg
Instagram Rajan Arora
YouTube Rajan Arora

Rajan Arora Instagram

Rajan Arora is famous on Instagram, he gained a lot of fame by posting pictures with inspirational captions on his Instagram account and is very popular on Instagram (the world’s most popular photo and video-sharing social media platforms).

He has more than 300k followers on his Instagram handle @hustlingrajan.

Rajan Arora YouTube 

As you know, Rajan Arora is also a famous YouTuber and started his YouTube journey on Jan 19, 2022, on this day he published his first video, although he joined YouTube 15 Years ago.

It has been almost 2 years on YouTube and mostly he has uploaded more than 80 videos on YouTube. And now there are more than 50k plus Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

And talk about the average ideas of his YouTube video, He has been on YouTube for almost 1 year and his views come between 5k–20k and sometimes less and more.

Rajan Arora Girlfriend

Unlike all celebrities, Rajan Arora kept his relationship status private from his fans. Currently, we don’t know if he is dealing with someone or if he is Single. We will update once I receive any information about his love life. Until then stay tuned to know more information shortly.

Some Facts About Rajan Arora

  • Rajan Arora was born and brought up in India.
  • He is a Popular Influencer from India.
  • Rajan Arora hopes to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams and work hard to succeed.
  • His Instagram account has over 300k subscribers plus subscribers.
  • Rajan Arora’s content is unique from all the influencers, making him stand out from others.

FAQs about Rajan Arora

Who is Rajan Arora?
Rajan Arora is an influencer and YouTuber from India.

What is Rajan Arora’s age?
His current age is 31.

How tall is Rajan Arora?
He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

How much does Rajan Arora weigh?
Rajan Arora’s weight is approximately 70 Kg.

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